Gorham Cable Access Television (GOCAT) is a communication resource for use by the community and it’s citizens. GOCAT is cable station for the people, by the people, dedicated to the idea that everyone should have a voice. We provide information to the citizens of Gorham on a variety of civic and community topics, and offer free access to equipment and broadcast time for the citizens to facilitate dialogue about their community.


• Wi-Fi Zones
•Camera Skills and Video Production Training
• Open Studio Space
• 24-hour Community Bulletin Board
• Free Equipment Lending
• Computer Stations
• Volunteer Opportunities


  • CH2 Public Programming TV. The majority of programs on this channel are produced or sponsored by Gorham residents and provide true local programming. Unique and interesting programs from other access facilities are sometimes shown.
  • CH 3 Gorham Government TV. We regularly broadcast LIVE the meetings of the Gorham Town Council, Planning Board, Appeals Board, and School Committee. We replay these meetings between regular time slots at 8AM, NOON, 4PM and 7PM.
ON DEMAND ARCHIVE To search archives from the previous 2 years of Town of Gorham Meetings, enter search term in "Search Archives" section (ie, Town Council, Planning Board, Board of Appeals) CHOOSE MONTH AND SELECT EVENT TO PLAY